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Duracoat Metal Finishing

No Hidden Fees!!! all our pricing is all inclusive and on the chart. Many other companies give a low initial price, and then charge more for services, like service prep, that should be included.

Complete Duracoat Service Includes: Prework function test and test fire, complete disassembly, clean, aluminum oxide surface preparation, Duracoat Finish 1 Color, reassemble, lubricate, function test & test fire. Complete firearm and magazine required.

All firearms that are received unassembled must be assembled and tested. This will be $45.00 dollars extra, depending on the firearm. All disassembled firearms must have a parts inventory list.

Parts Finishing Duracoat Service Includes: Complete clean, aluminum oxide surface preparation, Duracoat finish 1 color

Ammunition Extra- Can be supplied by customer 10 rds Minimum

Factory New Only- No Reloads or Handloads- Unfired ammo will be returned- We do not return empty brass.

Pricing For Parts: Does not include disassembly or reassembly. All firearms & Parts recieved must have inventory list.

Some Small Parts and pins that must be driven into place may need to be hand finished or touched up.

Labor Charges Only and Start at the Following Rate

Description Starting Price
Additional Charge For Pink (requires undercoat of white) Add $60.00
Additional Charge for Battle Worn Finish (requires a coat of black, hand fading, and a clear top coat) Add $100.00
Additional Charge for Duotone Finish or Second Color (Requires masking after initial drying time) Add $60.00
Long Gun
Description Starting Price
Complete Shotgun or Rifle-Including Stock $399.99
Complete Shotgun or Rifle With Optic- Including Stock and Optic $474.99
Complete Shotgun or Rifle Barrelled Action-No Stock $299.99
Complete Shotgun or Rifle Barrelled Action With Optic- No Stock $374.99
Description Starting Price
Complete HandGun- Revolver, Single Shot $259.99
Complete Handgun- Semi Auto- W/2 Magazines $279.99
Description Starting Price
Rifle Scope $85.00
Scope Ring Set $30.00
Scope Base 1 pc or 2pc set $30.00
Parts, Long Gun
Description Starting Price
Barrels Only-Rifle or Shotgun $100.00
Complete Upper Receiver Including Internal Parts $220.00
Complete Lower Receiver Including Internal Parts $220.00
AR Upper Receiver, Internal Parts- No Barrel or Forend $120.00
AR Lower Receiver, Internal Parts- No Stocks $160.00
AR Upper Receiver,Stripped $65.00
AR Lower Receiver, Stripped $65.00
Stock Only 1 or 2 piece $120.00
Stock Only Ar Style $60.00
Pistol Grip Only $30.00
Handguard Only-Standard AR, FN, AK ect $65.00
Handguard Only- Railed AR FN AK Etc. $85.00
Magazines $20.00
Small Parts $15.00
Bipods $65.00
Parts, Handgun
Description Starting Price
Slide Only- Replace Markings on Sight (3 Dot) $100.00
Slide Only_ Mask Off Sight Face on Night Sights $120.00
Slide Only- Remove Sights and Install Not Recommended $150.00
Slide Stainless Steel 2 tone Duracoat and Bare Metal $125.00
Barrel $30.00
Small Parts, each $15.00
Small Parts Set $85.00
Frame Only $100.00
Frame With Controls $180.00
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